Demo: Critical Alerts

In this short video we demonstrate how we use Vantify to examine the cause of critical alerts...

Instant detection before customers are impacted

Vantify is the most valuable system to decode vital information about the performance of business transactions and software services. Vantify highlights areas where problems are likely to occur before they do so.

Reduce outages to key transactions and services

Small and big problems avoided. Vantify fills that gap by connecting the performance of your software services and to your business transactions in real-time.

Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM) with Vantify!

Vantify, Revolutionising Monitoring. Watch the introductory video.

Why Vantify ?


WestGlobal Vantify monitors software responsiveness at each step in every transaction, assuring the effective delivery of key services and instantly identifying the root cause of anomalous behaviour. Vantify provides you with real-time visibility and analysis, enabling instant detection of degradations in advance of expensive interruptions and outages.

  • Reduce outages to key transactions and services
  • Reduce costs and lost revenues due to service interruptions
  • Instantly react, before customers are impacted
  • Reduce time for root cause analysis and overall resolution times
  • Total Insight of each Transaction, each Step
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction
  • Instantly detect performance degradations

ITIL v3 – There's a Gap in your Monitoring!

Here's a bold statement: "There's a gaping hole in the monitoring strategies of most IT organisations, and that Gap is costing many enterprises both money and customers."

This Gap is what we call the "Service Delivery Performance" Gap.


articlesITIL v3: Business Service Monitoring / Service Management

ITIL (A set of Best Practice guidance for IT Service Management) is something we come accross all the time. Our customers tell us Vantify is a valuable tool in the drive  towards a service driven IT strategy. So how exactly does Vantify align with the main objectives of  adopting V3 of ITIL?  Here are definitions of some key ITIL concepts and terms and explanations of  how  our product Vantify fits with those concepts...


Customer Testimonials

“Vantify has uniquely enabled Vodafone
Ireland to proactively monitor key
business activities in real-time, thus
assuring key revenue streams and
customer satisfaction.”

vodafone-logo– Liam Butler
Operations Director,
Vodaphone Ireland.

“We have deployed a Vantify
“Operational” dashboard which
enables Support to proactively monitor
our business services resulting in
reduced down time and faster
restoration of services".

– M. D.
Service Relationship Manager, Telco
“Vantify is an automated system and
reinforces our end to end Customer
Service Management ability. Customer
stability is essential to our business
and to customers’ end user experience.”

– M. D.
Service Relationship Manager, Telco
“Help identify slowness in the systems
before they become problems. Without
Vantify,identifying a performance issue
in advance of an incident would be
much harder to spot.”

– B.F.
Second Line Support
“We noticed a problem with our
(revenue generating) service,…. This
has been addressed and the dashboard…
presented the issue clearly and allowed
the Second Level Support to react
without receiving an alert from first line
or from the users.”

-Second Level Support
Support Dev CRM Application Team

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